How To Choose Door Handles

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Why is it important to give great thought while selecting knobs and handles? Most see door handles as only for doors, but don’t realize how they can impact the overall décor of our home.

Most often while trying to give our homes a new facelift, door hardware like handles and knobs is something that is always overlooked.  Most of us fail to realize that these tiny elements can make a real big difference in the way our doors and home look. Door handles and door knobs are extensions of your home’s personality and a well thought out plan for upgrading this door hardware will yield good results.

Door handles and door knobs are the most used among all interior decors, therefore it is vital to see that they last long while purchasing them. It is very important to pay attention to the basics when purchasing door hardware.
How Do I Pick The Right Door Handle for my Home?

To help you choose the best handles and knobs, we have provided some tips below.

Make sure that you set a budget for door handles and knobs so that you don’t go overboard and end up with an expensive project. See how many door handles you’ll be needing and split up your budget wisely.  It’s good to have quality in mind when planning your budget, so that you don’t end up getting cheap quality products.

Fortunately, at More Handles you can get all you want without burning a hole in your pocket.

Next decide if your door needs a handle or a knob, or if you’d prefer to use door handles or knobs. If you already have handles or door knobs fixed, then you have no choice other than to stick to the same type.

Select only those that operate the way they are supposed to, for as long as they are needed. When chosen properly and well maintained, handles will last for decades. These handles should also keep occupants safe inside the building as well as enable them to get out quickly in an emergency.

Door handles should also be corrosion resistant, water resistant and weather proof, which again are essential factors for an increased lifespan. The handles that you choose should be easy to install, because when handles are not properly installed they can give you severe maintenance headaches later on.

Another important point to remember when looking for door handles is to see if they can be maintained easily with little future improvements needed. Since these handles are going to be used by all, both young and old, care should be taken to ensure that these handles can be universally operated with ease.

Then consider the period design of your home. Fine styled door handles give your house a touch of character, so it’s very important that you carefully choose designs that will best suit your home. There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a handle such as comfort, safety, design and functionality. To help you choose the best door handles, below are a few tips that can be considered.

When choosing your door handles consider if your doors need a lock or whether just a latch is enough. Then choose the right handles with a lock and latch. If your doors don’t require a lock then just a latch should be alright.

If you’re considering getting door handles that can satisfy all the above needs, then visit More Handles. We have been trading for years and have a rich wealth of experience in sourcing quality handles from top grade manufacturers.

Door handles should be picked based on the style/ design of your home so they don’t look too out of place.

More Handles are global leaders in door hardware and stock products from the most sought after brands. With door handles being sourced from an extensive range of brands you can be sure to find a variety of styles, designs, sizes and finishes to choose from, making it a lot easier for you to find the perfect match for your doors.

Brass door handles are best for a classic theme while for more traditional charm, choose our black antique handles. Steel on the other hand offers a more contemporary feel and pewter, porcelain and glass handles are known for their elegance. Our pewter door handles also come with leather bindings or wooden detailing, offering a sophisticated and luxurious look.

Our handles are made from high quality materials and meet all quality and safety standards. These handles are functional, durable, practical and stylish. We have a massive range that comes in fabulous finishes, fantastic designs, best sizes and of course, at highly reasonable prices. In addition, our handles come with excellent finishes, so they are very easy to maintain.

If you have any difficulty with choosing the best door handles, then contact our specialists who will be happy to advise you on the handles that will look and work best for you.


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