How to Measure Door Size

Measure doors

All you need to measure the door is a tape measure, once you’ve got that follow these 5 simple steps:

    Measure the width: Run the tape measure across the width of the door from left to right; only measuring the door itself and not the surrounding frame or any other parts. If you have a frame but no door, measure from the inside of the frame, where the door would be.
    Measure the height: Again, if there isn’t currently a door in the frame, measure from the inside of the top frame down to the ground.

    Width: Towards the top, in the centre and towards the bottom.

    Height: To the left, in the centre and the right-hand side.

    Once you’ve done that, you’ll have 6 measurements overall. Take the largest measurement for the height and the width and use them to let the installer know the size of door you need.
    Measure the thickness. It’s not enough to measure the height and width of the door, you’ll also need to find out how thick the door measures. You should also get a measurement of the door frame (jamb) too, which is where the door sits within the frame when closed.
    Measure the door frame. Measuring the frame of a door is similar to measuring the door itself. To measure the height, run the tape measure up the inside of the door frame from top to bottom and then take 3 measurements of the width: across the top, middle and bottom sections.

    Note that if you’re unsure of any measurements that you take, it’s always better to round down than up to ensure that the new door will fit.

Don’t Forget to Double Check the Measurements

It’s always a good idea to take the measurement a couple of times so that you can be confident that you’ve got the most accurate measurement.