Simonswerk Tectus Hinges

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TECTUS is an innovative, completely concealed hinge system developed by precision engineering and manufacturing firm Simonswerk GmBH.

The Tectus Hinge is a groundbreaking door hinge system that has transformed the possibilities available to the interior design, doorset manufacture, architectural design and interior construction industries. It is no exaggeration that the Simonswerk Tectus system has revolutionised the way in which the industry thinks about door opening solutions.

By utilising the concept of invisibility in design, the Tectus Hinge is a completely concealed hinge system enabling unrebated doors to be fitted totally flush, and therefore integrated into rooms designed with straight lines. When the door is closed, only the door will remain visible – there is no knuckle or barrel to obstruct the eyes view of the design elements.

In addition to the groundbreaking design accreditations carried by Tectus, the range also carries formidable technical specification, with load capacities up to 300 kg, an opening angle of 180 degrees, and a wide sphere of application including suitability for timber, steel and aluminium frames. Exceptional three-dimensional adjustment and maintenance-free slide bearing technology are used as standard.
Simonswerk Tectus Hinge Innovation born out of tradition

For more than 125 years, Simonswerk has been one of the most well-known manufacturers of door hinges and hinge systems for heavy-duty, residential and entrance doors. Simonswerk are committed to the highest quality standards and the companies success is intrinsically tied to their extraordinary drive to innovate.

Since 2002 the Tectus Concealed Hinge has been a key part of the Simonswerk product range and thanks to its ongoing development, it is now more innovative and efficient than ever. From simple interior doors to large, heavy-duty entance doorways  – the Tectus hinge system is the ideal standard for all door opening solutions.

Simonswerk Tectus Finishes set new accents in door design

Despite the Tectus intrinsic core value of concealed operation, the construction and quality of the hinge itself is truly remarkable. Built by hand from finest-quality components, the Simonswerk Tectus range is world-class in construction and design and the hinge is a thing of beauty to behold – even if that may be only when the given doorway is open. Inkeeping with these strict design and construction values, Simonswerk have developed an unprecedented collection of finishes to complement the products themselves. The Tectus concealed hinge is available in no less than twenty different finishes, enabling architects and interior designers to perfectly match all design themes in any given project. The finish range encompasses five different shades of bronze, solid black, white, stainless steel, polished brass, chromes, and many other standard intermediary finishes to suit every design theme.

If you have a project that could benefit from the Simonswerk Tectus Hinge System, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales team. We will be happy to discuss your project in detail, help you specify the correct products for your needs, and give you expert, Guild of Architectural Ironmongers-approved advice.


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